Inspire students to think out of the box with our innovative modules and workshop curriculum. A perfect remedy to aid Science Days, Annual days, special. assemblies and alot more, providing an unforgettable science experience for students.

Classroom programs

Inculcate a deep involvement in science with DIY experiments, exciting activities and jaw dropping demos of your favorite science topics.

Science Activity Stations

Fun science games, hands-on experiments and interesting takeaways to allow students to explore any science topic in depth.

Interactive Demos

Amazing concepts of science displayed in the form of a wonderful show highlighting the direct use and applicability of science in life.

Themed modules

Add value to your approach on any topic with our customized content to take learning beyond the classrooms

Look out for us for all your special Science days and Events:
Annual days | Science Presentations| National Science Week| School Assemblies| Special Assemblies| Environment day| Earth day| Science Camps| Admissions| Symposiums and many more.
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