Our Team

Our team is young and full of enthusiasm for Science and regards safety as their No. 1 responsibility. We ensure that all the shows and activities are performed in a safe and controlled environment so as to maximize the fun part of science.

Each member of the wonderlab team has been carefully handpicked by our founder Nitika to ensure that each representative is well educated and well trained to handle children of all ages.


Event Manager

  • Become Our Company Representative At Important Events
  • Crowd And Resource Management
  • Client Dealings And Business Development

Activity Coordinator

  • Present Science Activities For Kids
  • Crowd And Resource Management At our Science Events
  • Communicate Instructions For A Smooth Activity Execution

Show Anchor

  • Present Scripted Science Shows
  • Captivate Audience With Your Enthusiasm
  • Conduct Exciting Experiments For Children


Vishal Kumar

I interned here while I was still a student, and I really appreciated the experience I gained while I was here. I found WonderLab very innovative which values continuous learning and keen to always think forward. I learned a lot about event management, and everyone who works here was very helpful whenever I had questions. Not only did I gain experience about event management, but it allowed me to come out of my shell and develop important people skills as well.

Arishya Sharma

It’s been a great joy ride of a year and above. This job gives me satisfaction in itself. Who wouldn’t love to hear if a kid turns up and says to you “Thank you for making my birthday the best” or a simple statement as ” Wish we learnt science like this in school,rather than sitting and staring at the wall”. When you get to hear such comments you know you’ve imparted something of your own to another individual. Well, Wonderlab truly is a Wonder to have happened to me. Can never be less thankful to Nitika Ma’am for being the coolest , mentor to work with.

Pallavi Gupta

I finally understand what people mean when they say that internships offer exposure. I have learned a lot of things that need to be taken care of in a workspace. I understood the importance of punctuality. Most importantly, I learned how to take initiative, which is something I never could. I learned that I need to always be on my toes and look for any opportunity to help out, instead of just waiting around to be told what to do. I felt that I have grown a lot, especially when I did my first show. I always had stage fright, but I performed anyway. The best part was, that I was able to let go of my inhibitions and let my inner child out for the success of the show.

S. Tahira Abidi

Wonderlab has been place where I grew and learnt things much efficiently and faster then anywhere else. The fun way of dealing with situations with clients and kids along with learning tactics of event management and client satisfaction is what made my experience with Wonderlab wonderful enough for me to last as an intern for almost an year. I have always cherished working in the prettiest environment and with most fun loving and adventurous people.

Taj Ahmad

Hi! WonderLab has benefited me a lot in several ways. It gave me an ample of opportunities to enhance my skills and creativity. I am working here for 3 years (July 2015 till present). Through this beautiful journey I have learnt many things like Time Management, Team management, making good relationship with clients, bringing smile on the face of kids, handling crowd and pressure during the mad science show. Apart from this it has provided a very good source of income to students like me because along with my higher study I m able to work as part timer. . I am very much confident that this amazing experience and learning will surely help me in my long term professional career. Last but not the least literally I have learnt many things related to Science.

Vanshika Bhardwaj

The experience with WonderLab was amazing.. I am so glad that I get to be a part of such a beautiful family.. The mentor’s and seniors are super cool. They are always ready to help,no matter how many times we ask our queries. It has also helped me alot in building my confidence, develope a whole new me. One of the interesting thing about this internship is that every time we meet,we meet new members of this beautiful family,we get to know new people,we visit new places,make new friends and as I am an extrovert this is one of the thing that i liked the most. Thank you Wonderlab 😊

Dhruv Dev

Learning is a life long process ,I started working with the wonderlab as an intern about a year back ,wonderlab provided me the platform to explore myself ,from coordinating to hosting the birthday parties and events is of great fun, From good stipend to great incentives is the key for my happy college life and the best part are the outdoor parties we get to host and lead from the front.


When i first joined it I had no idea i will enjoy this internship so much!I have made a lot of friends,Gained confidence.The spirit of team work that i have seen here is something i couldn’t really explain.This is like a family which i will cherish forever.

Work with the craziest scientists, innovative educators and presenters of the Industry. At WonderLab we reach out to children and create a sense of wonder through science and shows. All you need to ask yourself is
  • Are you comfortable engaging with children?
  • Do you want to learn event management skills?
  • Does science fascinate you?